Who We Are

A two-woman trading team, combining the experience and knowledge of Fatima Ghellab & Manuela Robson, Fat Man FX is a London-based trading partnership specialising in foreign exchange trading.

Our Trading Approach

We use a systematic approach to trade selection and risk management, set against specific criteria which is rigorously adhered to and monitored for optimal performance and consistency. We employ a cross-check system on all trades, ensuring that only high probability trades are selected.

Our Path To Trading

We both came to trading as second careers from industries completely unrelated to the financial markets. Having reached a crossroads in our careers, we were looking for a new path – one that would be stimulating and challenging, while giving us the freedom and independence to live our lives on our own terms and the opportunity to earn a decent income.

Finding ourselves at the same juncture, we began our trading journey in tandem, starting with end of day stock trading, but moving on quickly to FX trading, which has remained our preferred market.

We later became trader coaches at a well-known trading educational company. We quickly realised that it was challenging to focus on trading while coaching back-to-back, so we would hand over our positions to the other, allowing one of us to trade with focus and discipline, while the other focused on coaching.

Our trading partnership was in the process of cementing itself.

The Trading Team

We quickly found that trading as a team rather than individually gave us greater accountability, and we started to define our rules in such a way that the other trader would know exactly what to do while trading on the other’s behalf.

In this way, Fat Man FX was born – Fat Man derived from the combination of our two names, Fatima & Manuela.

As a trading team, we remain focussed on constant evaluation and expansion of our trading know-how, the crucial mastery of the trader mindset & psychology, high reward to risk trade selection and excellent risk management, in order to achieve consistent profitability.

We have invested hours upon hours of screen time to create a unique approach, structure and methodology that not only resonates with us, but that also continually enforces the discipline and mindset required to make it in this business.

Based on a desire to share the benefit of our learnings and experience and to help other independent traders achieve their trading goals, we are soon to launch our special web-based app.

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